Debit Card Processing

Debit Card Processing

Elite Payment Systems offers debit card processing to boost merchant sales volume and profitability, plus:

  • Check-out time is reduced
  • Debit cards are more convenient than using checks or credit cards
  • No signature is required
  • The customer must enter the correct PIN to access the account
  • Bad checks, credit card charge backs and counterfeit worries are eliminated
Debit Card Processing

Elite Payment Systems offers a unique product that utilizes our direct debit network contracts, enabling a higher level of service to our merchants.

In addition to the sales and security benefits, debit cards are becoming increasingly popular.

Debit Card Fact Sheet

  • Over the last two decades, non-cash payments have more than doubled in volume from 37 billion to 80 billion. (Federal Reserve)

  • Credit and debit cards account for 90 percent of Web-based purchases, which reached $10.5 billion during the 2001 holiday season.
    (Credit Card Management)

  • Debit card use is estimated to grow 287 percent this decade. (Nilson Report)

  • In the first nine months of 2001, debit card transactions rose 26.3 percent from the same period one year ago to 4.8 billion. (ATM & Debit News)

  • Industry analysts expect debit-payment processing to grow 20 percent annually through 2005. (JP Morgan Chase)

  • At the end of 2001, an estimated 153 million debit cards were in use, an increase of 14 percent from 2000. (ATM & Debit News)

  • The number of bank card transactions is estimated to grow 81 percent this decade to more than 17 trillion. (Nilson Report)

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